Flavor Flav of Public Enemy Performs On Jimmy Fallon Wearing Brooklyn Nets Guard Alan Anderson’s Jersey

Legendary hip hop group Public Enemy performed on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, and one member of the group had on a familiar jersey.

Flavor Flav, Public Enemy hype man who’s also famous these days for his reality show “Flavor of Love,” wore a No. 6 Brooklyn Nets jersey during the performance. 6 belongs to Nets sixth man Alan Anderson, who’s a good floor spacer but not exactly a hot-seller on the jersey market: it’s not even listed as an available jersey in the Nets store.

My guess is that Flav got the jersey custom-made, and the back has his name on it. But call it Schr√∂dinger’s jersey: since he didn’t show his back to the camera during the performance, it might as well be an Alan Anderson jersey. And that’s got to make Alan Anderson a happy man. UPDATE: As eagle-eyed contributor Andrew Gnerre points out, Flav also wore the same jersey during Public Enemy’s Brooklyn Bowl performance. Turn this video (courtesy of BrooklynVegan) to around 3:40 to watch Flav walk around.

You can catch bits of the “Anderson” on the back of his jersey. Weirdest celebrity jersey ever? I think so.

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