Farmar somehow leads team in rebounding, plays well in 70-66 victory

Jordan Farmar had one of his better all-around games in a Maccabi Electra uniform, scoring 11 points, dishing out a team-high six assists, and grabbing another team-high six rebounds as Maccabi Electra sustained a late rally by Partizan, winning 70-66. It was Farmar’s first game since sitting out the past two to rest an ankle injury.

Farmar is the shortest and slightest Maccabi player at 6’2″ and 188 lbs., and has never been a great rebounder, so to lead a team that has Richard Hendrix and Baby Shaq on its roster in rebounding is pretty cool. I only caught some of the first half, but Farmar attacked the basket early and scored six quick points in the first quarter… though he didn’t make another field goal for the game. He did knock down five of six free throws, which would indicate that he attacked the basket, and his six rebounds — all defensive — would argue the same the other way.

Maccabi Electra is in three — count ’em, three — basketball leagues, so while most leagues only play one game per week, that’s tripled for Farmar. He’ll see the court again Saturday, against … Partizan again, who’s playing in both the Euroleague and the Adriatic League.