Fan Reactions: Trade For Boozer

I have been encouraging you guys to e-mail in questions/comments (well written of course) if you wanted to see them posted here.  As of right now, I am posting them as I get them, but if more of you e-mail stuff in, this could be a weekly thing.  It’s up to you guys.  Anyway here is something from reader Sam S:

Trade idea from loyal netsarescortching reader (Sebastian – his words not mine) Sam S.

Boozer opted not to opt out for the coming year – so he has a one year $12.7mm contract.  Bobby Simmons has a one year $11.24mm contract.   A straight up trade works for economic purposes (salaries are wthin 25% of each other) and saves Utah $3mm ($1.5mm x 2 due to luxury tax).  Boozer also is a toxic presence for Utah since he does not want to be there and they want to keep Milsap.  For us, he is a huge upgrade at the 4 and we would presumably have an inside track at resigning him in 2010 if he proves that he is worth a big contract.  While it would hurt our 2010 draft tanking strategy, it would show the fans that the team really wants to put the best team on the floor…..  What do you think?

OK, before I answer this question I feel like I have to disclose the fact that I am not a big Boozer fan.  On paper this works and makes sense, it gives the Jazz a little more cap space and they get to feature Milsap more.  For the Nets, getting Boozer fills a gaping hole, and getting rid of Simmons clears up some some space at the SF position (since we do have a ton of players in that spot now).  Carlos Boozer is a great player and his game fits our new style perfectly.

As for why I don’t like it, well acquiring Boozer hurts the development of Yi.  I know I am in the minority, but I still think Yi can be a solid player for the Nets, but he just needs time.  I am also not a big fan of his attitude, he is a selfish player (I formed this opinion through his previous actions regarding his contract) who seems to cause problems in the locker room.  With a real young team, I don’t want someone like that in the locker room.  Boozer is also very injury prone, and I don’t want to get stuck with paying his contract as he sits on the sidelines in a suit.  Now if this deal happens, I won’t jump off the bridge because it would be a solid trade for us, but I wouldn’t be too excited about it.

Thanks for the question Sam.  If others would like to chime in, write your response in the comments.  And like I said before, if you have a question/comment that you want on the site.  E-mail me at [email protected]