Fan Reactions: Future Of The Team

Got another e-mail today, and I figured I’d put it up.  This one is from Sam S.  Thanks for the e-mail Sam:

Sebastian –
Like your site a lot.  I too am a big Nets fan, and was sad to see VC go.  But I thought that Waldstein’s article below was the best one I have seen so far on why it made sense.  I do not know if Lebron or Bosh would come to the Nets – probably not without Brooklyn.  But, as noted below we have a good young nucleus with the 1 and 5 well covered.  And some combination of CDR, Lee and TW will be ok for now – and one might surprise on the upside (all will provide good 2/3 depth).  I have no faith in Yi – and I do not know why the article below would not highlight that the 2010 draft if LOADED with outstanding 4’s (and Anderson was never going to be more than serviceable).  Maybe Dallas falters next year and we get their lottery pick.  Maybe Golden State gets Amare and makes the playoffs and we get their first round pick.  Three first rounders and seven expiring contracts?  In Rod and Kiki I trust. Is that enough to attract two first tier free agents with more than $25mm in cap space?  I do not know.  But I can suffer for one year while the kids develop and hope (and rationalize every loss as tanking for the 2010 draft – might as well start early)…..
Sam S