Fan On The Couch Ticket Giveaway – 10 Winners

Tony Maglio been blessing us with his great comedy for a couple weeks, now, he is going to bless you guys with something else.  Tony has offered up 20 lower level tickets (that’s all we know about them right now), and all you have to do is e-mail him a question for his upcoming Fan On The Couch mailbag that he will have this week.

Your questions don’t have to be about Nets’ basketball either.  It could be sports related, entertainment, politics, whatever and if your question is one of the 10 Tony picks, you win two tickets to see the Nets play the Pacers Friday.  Also make sure you include your name and your phone number in the e-mail, so Tony can notify Will-Call of who will be picking up the tickets.  The winners will be e-mailed at 2, and we will have a post announcing the winners.  Remember Mark’s Tony’s e-mail is [email protected].  Good luck guys, and a big thanks goes out to Tony for offering these tickets up.