Even The Nets Can’t Escape This Ridiculous Dress Color Debate

"The Dress."
“The Dress.”

If you’ve miraculously avoided the internet for the last 24 hours, you may have missed out on its latest target of mass debate: an over-exposed photo of a dress that seems to be both white & gold and black & blue at the same time. There have been countless thoughtpieces, photoshop analyses, and scientific explanations regarding the “true” color of the dress — so many that it’s easier to simply say “Go Google ‘what color is the dress'” than to actually send you there — and the latest people to break it down are none other than the Brooklyn Nets, in a video posted to the team Facebook account.

After someone showed the photo to Nets rookie Cory Jefferson, it sparked a near team-wide debate:

To recap sides, from the video:

Team white-and-gold: Jerome Jordan, Markel Brown, Thaddeus Young.
Team black-and-blue: Cory Jefferson, Brook Lopez (although he wants to be clear that he sees “Blue & brown, actually”), Sergey Karasev, Deron Williams (who believes he’s being tricked).

As for me? I see both. Sorry.

The black-and-white Nets play the red Houston Rockets at 8:00 P.M. tonight in Houston.