Dwight Howard’s best option?

An ESPN Panel that is examining the major free agents of the 2012 class tried to pinpoint Dwight Howard’s likely destination. Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard are split on where Howard should go; Bucher claims that the Nets are lowest on the totem pole of Howard’s suitors and believes that Howard will choose the Dallas Mavericks, while Broussard believes that the Nets’ new arena and Deron Williams will be enough to entice Howard over to Brooklyn.

In truth, the Nets don’t have too much to offer the Magic should Howard be put on the trade market. Outside of Brook Lopez, the Nets lack valuable trade assets. However, both the Magic and Howard don’t have many enticing options. The Lakers and the Mavs are both older teams with aging stars and the Knicks are capped out with very little to offer in a trade scenario. This is nothing like LeBron’s situation (if you recall, LeBron had 5 plausible possibilites). It’s also possible that Dwight remains in Orlando – a situation few seem to entertain.