Fanning the Dwight Howard-to-Brooklyn Flames

Dwight Howard Deron Williams
Could Dwight Howard & Deron Williams wear the same uniform in the NBA?

While last night’s ten-point loss was both closer than it looked and depressing to watch, the biggest long-term story isn’t whether or not the Nets were going to lose by six points or ten points. As many people have alluded to, Dwight Howard may be looking to change teams, and in a chat on ESPN yesterday Ric Bucher said that Dwight Howard to Brooklyn is more than just a possibility:


This week Wilbon said that the Bulls shouldn’t do a Joakim Noah for Dwight Howard trade, if that were available. I love Noah and understand his importance, but that’s a no-brainer for the Bulls, right?

Ric Bucher (1:13 PM)

I’m with you. That said, I don’t see any way Dwight would consider going to Chicago. He wants his own stage and a big one. The latest I’ve heard on that is that he’s wavering on the Lakers as his preferred destination — not sure Kobe will have enough left in the tank to grow with him. Scratch Miami and New York from his list as well. The idea of joining forces with Deron in NJ/Brooklyn, I’m told, is gaining appeal.

Bucher later made an unprovoked note about how the Nets might go about acquiring Howard (while showing Kris Humphries some love):


Ric, how come nobody is talking about the season that Kris Humphries is having? Is he playing himself out of the Nets’ price range, or will they be able to bring him back? He’s gotta be in the top-5 for MIP, no?

Ric Bucher (1:28 PM)

He’s had a great year and made himself a lot of money. I could see him as a S&T option combined with Lopez to bring Howard to the Nets.

Humphries & Brook is a big price, but Howard/D-Will is a big reward. I don’t know how any of this might look, but the ideas are definitely gaining steam.