Dwayne Wade Likes the Nets, Probably Won’t Play Here

More from Fred Kerber and the NY Post. During the same movie shoot at the Izod Center yesterday where Dwight Howard talked about Courtney Lee’s emotional anguish, Dwayne Wade, one of the other high profile free agents to be next summer, put to rest the idea that he’s looking to leave the Miami Heat.

“I’m not thinking about the Knicks or the Nets. Only when we play them,” Wade told Kerber.

No shock here. But something I did find interesting was Wade’s positive comments about the direction of the Nets franchise.

“It’s a class organization and when the time is right, they’re going to go get the players they need to get. I think people around the league see that. They’ve had success, especially when J. Kidd was here . . . so everyone knows this organization has the want to be great. It’s just about if they get the players. They’ve got some now. Devin Harris is a great, great star. He’s a centerpiece.”

Then the kicker: “the main chatter right now is about the other side, New York, but I’m sure the Nets are going to get some love as well.”

As a Nets fan, it’s comforting to see comments like these about the state of the franchise from one of the league’s established superstars. Living on Long Island and New York City my entire life, I’ve always had to deal with pulling for a team that was second fiddle to the Knicks. This was especially frustrating when the Nets were busy making back-to-back finals, and the Knicks were doing jack squat. I know there’s always a certain allure about playing in New York City, but the Knicks just don’t have as much talent to build around going into next season. The only selling point is the city itself and it’s not like guys like Wade and Lebron are going to be hurting for endorsements, regardless of where they play.

Posted by Mark Ginocchio