Devin Harris Featured in ESPN’s NBA’s 65 in 65

Devin Harris

ESPN is running a feature called NBA’s 65 in 65 where they have 65 NBA chats.  These chats will feature analysts, writers, and players.

This Saturday the NBA chat featured Devin Harris.  It is a little disappointed that I just found out this today (nice job advertising these ESPN – I kid…), I would have asked him some awesome questions.  You can find the whole chat here, but I picked out some excerpts that I found pretty interesting.

On the Nets’ losing atmosphere:

Yes, it bothers people. But it’s part of our job. You just try to turn a losing situation into a winning situation.

On whether or not the Nets should go after LeBron in free agency:

Definitely. For all sorts of reasons. He makes the team around you better. He’s definitely an unselfish superstar and he’ll attract other players. So he’s an all-around great pickup.

On the rooks:

They have such upside. Brook is definitely coming on. People got to see what he can do this season. He can really be a superstar. He’s a tremendous talent.

On the biggest shot of his life:

The buzzer-beater this year, probably. I also had a free throw in college to win a conference championship. So it’s a toss-up between those two.

On if he thinks he should be the MIP:

I do.

Now the stuff I took out and put here wasn’t even half of the chat, so you should go check out the rest.  It is an interesting read.