Fun Post: Derrick Favors’ Nickname

After picking up Derrick Favors in the draft, Nets fans have been trying to figure out the best nickname for him. I’m not partial to ones that play on his name – while I appreciate the effort, I think  “Sexual” or “Do Me A” Favors are a little hokey, to say the least. Similarly, my attempts at finding him a nickname haven’t been that good – “Hard Work Favors” doesn’t roll off the tongue and “Smoove” has already been taken by Josh Smith.

However, Akis Yerocostas over at Pick & Scroll, an NBA Blog that I contribute to occasionally, has come up with my favorite nickname for him so far in his weekly Rook Roll’d column:

“Tenacious D.”

I love it. Not only is it an awesome cultural reference, but it also simultaneously references his name and plays on the fact that Derrick has the potential to be a monster on defense. Besides, I can already hear Ian Eagle: “the pass inside from Devin- AND TENACIOUS D WITH THE SLAM!” The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, if you similarly think this nickname is as awesome as I do, spread it around! Nicknames are created and fostered by the team’s fanbase. We have the power. What say you?