Deron Williams Speaks: “a fresh start is what I’m most excited about”

Deron Williams
Williams in his Dallas digs. (Mavericks)
Williams in his Dallas digs. (Mavericks)
Williams in his Dallas digs. (Mavericks)

Following his uneasy breakup with the Brooklyn Nets, we heard a lot about Deron Williams from other parties: the Nets organization, different players, pundits prognosticating his upcoming performance in Dallas. But throughout it all Williams himself was silent.

No more. While attending the organization’s fantasy camp, Williams spoke with the Mavericks’ official team beat writer Earl K. Sneed, in what was billed as an “exclusive interview.” While it may seem curious that an organization touts its exclusive interview with their own fourth-highest paid player, it’s worth noting that Williams declined every one-on-one request for interviews for almost the last two years of his tenure, even softball TV interviews and sideline reports.

Most of the questions dealt with his future with the Mavericks — playing with Dirk Nowitzki and former teammate Wesley Matthews — rather than his past with the Nets. But Williams cited stability as one of the reasons he was excited about the transition:

“I mean, I’m definitely excited about that. You know, there’s definitely a stability about this organization that’s definitely intriguing. You know, they have guys that have been here forever, so it’s just about plugging in the new pieces — myself included — and just trying to get to work. But, you know, I’m just excited about this opportunity, and I’m ready to get the season going.”

Later in the interview, Williams added that “a fresh start is what I’m most excited about.”

According to Sneed, Williams had answered a fan’s question about stability by citing the unease of playing with four coaches in three seasons with the Nets. Along with the rapid coaching changes, the Nets suited up 38 different players in Williams’s three years in Brooklyn, and Brook Lopez is the only Nets player that remains from their years in New Jersey.

Dallas Mavericks — Deron Williams looks forward to ‘fresh start’ with Mavs