Deron Williams & Red Bull refurbishing Brooklyn basketball courts

Deron Williams has teamed up with Red Bull — an official partner of the Brooklyn Nets — to refurbish New York City basketball courts as a part of Red Bull’s “Brooklyn’s Got Wings” Campaign. For every assist Williams dishes out in the next two seasons, $150 will be donated to the project. With 319 assists so far this season, Williams has accrued almost $50,000 in donations so far. Williams’s goal is to raise $100,000, which would be 667 assists, or 8.7 per game for the rest of the season.

Lynn Hoppes of ESPN sat down with Williams to talk to him about the project:

What does this project mean to you?

These people in this community support us at every game and cheer us on in person or on television. This means a lot to us. And, more importantly, it means a lot to them. I’ve checked out these courts. They are in bad shape. There are cracks everywhere. The goals aren’t great. It’ll definitely mean a lot to them when we’re done.”

And you want to personally help along with giving money.

I’m in a great position to help the people. I know I’m in the public eye. I’m not doing it for that. I want people to see that I’m giving a helping hand by not just donating money but by doing the work and giving back to the community.

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