Deron Williams, Anthony Morrow not fans of the Prudential Center

via Stefan Bondy:!/NYDNInterNets/status/160935189562925057

Given how the Nets can’t seem to win there, given how he’s shot just 30-89 there this season, given how little fans show up, given how little the fans that do show up seem to care, and given that the Nets are all about moving forward to the Barclays Center next season, leaving this arena and this state behind in a cloud of dust… can you really blame him?

Anthony Morrow corroborated Deron’s displeasure.

“It’s something about this arena,” Morrow told reporters later, “because it was made for hockey, not basketball. As a shooter I notice a lot of stuff. … It’s cold. The background is way different. It’s like six miles back.”

Morrow has shot just 36% from the field and 36% from deep at home this season. He is 44% from the field and 45% from deep on the road. His shooting numbers were also much better on the road last season: 49% from the field and 44% from 3 on the road, while just 41% overall and from deep at the Rock.