Deron Williams’ Fancy New Shoes


“These weren’t just any shoes…these were NIKES.”
–Richard Thomas, “Chappelle’s Show”

It hasn’t been often within the past three or four years that a New Jersey Nets player has gotten much love from anyone throughout the league. Save for Devin Harris and Vince Carter’s team-up in 2008-2009 (in Harris’ lone All-Star campaign), the Nets are lackluster in gaining any kind of attention, let alone getting their own special PE (or player exclusive) shoe.

Enter Deron Williams.

A longtime endorser of the Swoosh since his Utah Jazz days and a bona-fide Nike player since his college days with Illinois — making Williams a Nike affiliate since 2002 — the Swoosh decided to extend his extensive PE collection over to colorways that favor the Nets’ own hue, which are red, white, navy blue, and silver gray. Better is the fact that the shoe that Williams wears is arguably the best basketball shoe on the market. Even better is that his shoe is available to the public.

Credit and thanks to the good folks at Sole Collector and Eastbay for the link and accompanying photos.

Enter the Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011.

Constructed in a low-cut shoe, per Williams’ own taste, the Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 is the crème de la crème of performance footwear. Though you won’t likely play like Williams, you can definitely acquire the same level of comfort that he has in these limited-edition shoes.