Deron Williams Debuts New 2012 Olympics Uniform


There’s not a lot to be excited about for Nets fans and admirers, or even the Nets themselves. Outside of taking down the cross-state rival Knicks on Monday, they’ve been terrible this season, and beat up to boot. Deron Williams is grudgingly stoic, trying to carry the franchise even while he has made mention that it is not his preferred role. Well, what better way to take your mind off of being a loser than to dress like a winner?!

Seen here is Williams modeling the new Nike Hyper Elite uniform to be worn by the 2012 Men’s Olympic Team for the United States. You can jump to Sole Collector for details, but basically, the uniform is environmentally friendly, cool-feeling, and cool-looking; also, Williams looks significantly more content (if expressing any kind of tangible form of emotion is “content” in this context) in the uniform.