Deron Williams continues to eviscerate the TBL

Deron Williams continues to eviscerate the TBL

Beşiktaş Milangaz cruised past Armia in game two of FIBA Eurochallenge play as Williams was good for 31 points, including 5-of-9 shooting on threes, and six assists in the 103-82 win. Nets fans might also note that their theoretical player Sundiata Gaines turned in a nice eight-assist, three-steal performance for Armia.

via BallInEurope

These videos are both wonderful and mildly heartbreaking. On the one hand, the whole reel is just beautiful. You can’t pinpoint just one move. The entire thing is just a basketball masterpiece, orchestrated by virtuoso Deron Williams. But those are our 31 points! That’s our reverse layup! Our crossover! Give him back, Besiktas! (Er, David Stern!)

Don’t get me wrong. He made the right decision. Playing in Turkey is a great move: he stays in shape, plays high-level (okay, maybe not so much) competition, makes some highlights, and makes $5 million. It’s a better alternative to nothing. But it’s not nearly as good as… well, you know.

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