Dave D’Alessandro says what we’re all thinking in open letter to Deron Williams

Deron Williams

Columnist Dave D’Alessandro from the Star-Ledger wrote an open letter to Deron Williams today, following last night’s loss to the New York Knicks and the team’s recent 2-8 stretch, and, well:

Good morning, Deron Williams.

Thanks for coming, have a seat.

We figured it was time to have this chin-wag — even after a decent but disappointing night at the Garden — because you’re a sensitive soul who needs to be approached carefully even when we venture into something intended as a friendly critique.

This has less to do with how you play — which is bad enough, you readily admit nowadays — than how you act, which is just one evening gown shy of a diva. And by now you may have sensed that everyone around you seems unwilling to share their candid observations with you.

We heard you blame your troubles on coach Avery Johnson, and pine for the days when that wise old crank in Utah ran stuff that was better suited to your individual skills.

Trust us: The national response was raucous laughter, because you were the guy responsible for getting Jerry Sloan to decide after 27 years that he’d rather live with his 30 tractors in McLeansboro, Ill., than put up with your insubordination.

Just go read it. Link below.

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