Daily Link- Will Vujacic, Wright, or Mario West return?

With the season ending on a low note, much of what Nets fans have to look forward to is the carnival known as free agency. Seven players that ended the season on the roster will be free agents once the playoffs are over. Yahoo Sports has the inside scoop on who could potentially return and who is a goner.

Kris Humphries is tagged as the main focus of the re-signing process. Avery Johnson is keen on Humphries’ return to the team. As for the other players, it is possible that none of them return. According to the report, Stephen Graham, Dan Gadzuric, and Ben Uzoh are definitely gone. Depending on how the Nets’ search for a free agent wing works out, Sasha Vujacic could be brought back. If the Nets can get Brandan Wright at a reasonable price, expect them to sign him. Mario West will probably be invited to training camp.

I have mixed feelings about this news. It’s great to hear that Graham and Gadzuric are gone. However, I feel that dropping Uzoh is a bad decision. This means (and confirms) that Jordan Farmar is truly part of the “core.” Farmar’s the Playstation 2: it can do its job, but became expendable once the Xbox 360 (re: Deron Williams) was bought.

While I definitely agree with re-signing Humphries on a reasonable deal, I don’t think that any of those other guys should be back. You can make a case for Wright’s return because of his youth, but Vujacic is a glorified chucker and West is Quinton Ross 2.0. Let’s hope that the Nets don’t have to resort to signing any of these guys ever again, save Humphries.