Daily Link: We Have a Rotation

We’re 30 games in, but Avery Johnson has seemingly found a nine-man rotation he’s happy with – though with assorted injuries and trades expected on the horizon, who knows how long this is expected to last:

Against Memphis on Tuesday night, rookie point guard Ben Uzoh and center Johan Petro did not play. The other nine were the starting five of Devin Harris, Stephen Graham, Travis Outlaw, Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez, with Sasha Vujacic, Jordan Farmar, Derrick Favors and Troy Murphy coming off the bench.

What about the injured Anthony Morrow?

“We’ll deal with that when Anthony comes back,” Johnson said.

Um, damn straight you better deal with Morrow when he gets back, considering he’s one of the few guys who was able to consistently hit jump shots prior to his hamstring injury. Meanwhile, in better times, Uzoh would be down in the D-League getting minutes because I think he could develop into a solid backup point guard in this league. Petro … well, I don’t think anyone is shocked that he’s played himself out of the rotation already.