Daily Link: Watch out Knicks

Despite the Carmelo Anthony deal being “dead,” the Daily News’ Mike Lupica thinks the Nets are shaping up to be winners here – because they’ve proven over the past week that they’re serious about coming after the New York Knicks and leveling them into irrelevancy.

The Nets were set to come after the Knicks, who have the worst ownership in sports and the worst in the history of the Garden. Come after them even before they got to Brooklyn the way the Jets have come after the Giants.
Keep in mind, I thought the Nets were coming across as a bit desperate during the ‘Melo dealings, handing over all of the leverage to the Denver front office, who seemed willing to string Billy King along as long as it took to see if the pot could be sweetened. Good for Billy King for stepping away from the table yesterday, but this whole ordeal demonstrated that Nets still have a lot of work to do to improve their image as laughingstocks around the NBA.