Daily Link: TWill Trade Bait?

A few of us have speculated as much around here, but Dave D’Alessandro really pokes the hornets nest and suggests that Terrence Williams greatest role with the Nets going forward may be as trade bait for an established power forward.

Admit that right now, this kid is a spare part – and an extremely valuable one.

And really, can you disagree with Dave D.? The Nets are overloaded at the wing position, and unless Courtney Lee has completely fallen out of favor with the new regime, I can’t see TWill taking PT away from some of the new guys on this team like Anthony Morrow, Damion James and Travis Outlaw. You could maybe solve this problem and move Outlaw to PF temporarily to open up a spot in the starting five for Williams, but I haven’t read a single team-connected report that mentions that as a possibility.

I’ll be on the record and say I think trading Williams for a stopgap PF will be a mistake, but I agree with Dave D. that there’s a certain inevitability to it.