Daily Link: TWill Feels Good

One of the biggest stories to come out of practice yesterday, besides the fact that Avery Johnson has yet to get “mean,” was that Terrence Williams said he woke up and felt 100 percent healthy. He admitted he came back a little prematurely last week, and Avery was right to get him right back on the bench:

And Williams admitted Avery Johnson was right when the coach assessed that he didn’t see a “burst” of energy or quickness from the player in Utah.

“Yeah, I would say that. especially running up the court,” said Williams, who played in two of the four west-coast games.

Despite playing well (and mostly losing) since he’s been out, this team has missed TWill, no question. He offers, perhaps, the most unique skillset on this roster, and when you have one player that can do so many different things and help the team in an assortment of ways, it hurts when he can’t get himself out on the court. I hope he is truly healthy, and Avery gets him in the rotation pretty quickly, because playing TWill allows Devin Harris to be more of a scorer and he seemed to have been developing a nice little rapport with Derrick Favors in the pick and roll game.