Daily Link: TWill Acting a Fool Again

Well, now Terrence Williams has really gone and done it. Just when it looked like he was ready to come back to the team and contribute, he got himself suspended for two games for violating numerous team policies, Avery Johnson told the Nets before yesterday’s victory against the Hawks:

“We’ll take it day-by-day,” Johnson said. “The focus right now is on the Nets and the guys in uniform that are working their butts off, who have really bought into the program and they try.

“One of the things with the NBA is not about being an NBA player. It’s about being a professional.”

According to Al Iannazzone, this suspension seemed to tie-in to TWill being repeatedly late for practices.

This is incredibly frustrating for Nets fans and fans of TWill in general. The kid has so much talent, and as we witnessed in March and April of last year, when he’s focused, he can help this team win with his unique skillset. But unlike last season, when the inmates seemed to run the asylum under Kiki, I can’t see Avery Johnson being too tolerant of TWill’s nonsense, especially when he’s got solid citizen veterans in Anthony Morrow, Travis Outlaw and Stephen Graham ready to take his playing time.