Daily Link: Troy Murphy Trade Bait Already?

When the Nets acquired Troy Murphy over the summer, there was talk that his expiring contract could make for worthwhile trade bait. But there was also talk that he would be able to help the Nets by averaging a double-double and draining three-pointers at a fantastic rate for a PF. Less than a month into the season, Murphy is seemingly out of Avery Johnson’s rotation, leading Yannis Koutroupis from HoopsWorld to wonder when the Nets might move the PF:

There are plenty of teams that could stand to add a big man of Murphy’s caliber like the Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets, Philadelphia 76ers, Oklahoma City Thunder and Phoenix Suns.

The Nets were originally hoping that Murphy could be a key contributor in their rise back to respectability, but their young guys are making him look expendable. Don’t be surprised if they let him go sometime close to the February trade deadline once they come to terms with being out of the running for Carmelo Anthony’s services.

While the play of Kris Humphries and Derrick Favors may make Murphy expendable, I really think Troy has to prove he’s healthy and capable of playing before the Nets can consider trading him. Otherwise, he’s just a very large expiring contract rotting on the sidelines. I’m personally a little shocked as to how bad he’s looked, and believe there’s no way he can be healthy yet. I hope Murphy gets a chance to redeem himself, otherwise the Nets dumped Courtney Lee – a potentially solid rotational piece – for absolutely nothing.