Daily Link: Troy Murphy Talks Like Nets Fans

Good old Dave D’Alessandro interviews the newest Net, and Jersey native Troy Murphy. In addition to having the potential to post a double-double every night, Murphy has the rare honor of being one of the few players who actually seems thrilled to be with the Nets this coming season (compare his response to Courtney Lee’s last year):

“It’s not just because I’m from Jersey, but I couldn’t understand when all these free agents were looking for places to go that so many of them overlooked the Nets,” the Nets’ new power forward said.

“Really, look at it … objectively: Besides a great young center and an All-Star point guard, all the pieces are in place for this to be a very good team very quickly once we develop some chemistry. And by that I mean a playoff team.”

I guess a cynic could say a broken clock is always right twice, but I’m thrilled that Billy King was able to pull off this deal. Obviously, we all need to see how this plays out on the court, but not only did King address a need, he brought in a player that Nets fans are going to love to get behind.