Daily Link: Tired of ‘Melo Rumors? We Don’t Care!

File this one under obvious, but for Nets fans who are getting discouraged by the latest batch of Carmelo Anthony trade rumors involving Wilson Chandler and the Knicks and Andrew Bynum of the Lakers, Al Iannazzone believes if Denver approaches Billy King, the Nets would still be ineterested in making a trade:

Denver wanted picks, and that’s the interesting part. The Nets own theirs and the Lakers’ first-rounders this year. The Nets also could have Houston’s and Golden State’s No. 1s next year. Denver wanted these picks. The Lakers’, Rockets’ and Warriors’ draft choices are protected, so they can’t trade their picks until their commitments to the Nets are fulfilled.

One would think if the Nuggets came crawling back the Nets wouldn’t offer as much in return and wouldn’t take as many crippling contracts like Rip Hamilton’s, as Al suggests here.