Daily Link: Thinking About Rudy Gay

One of the storylines that emerged with the Nets in Memphis last night was that they were reunited with Rudy Gay – the team’s “Plan B” that wasn’t during the Summer of LeBron. The Nets were willing to offer Gay serious money, but the Grizzlies beat them to that mistake, and signed him to a max contract. Still, Gay must have heard that the Nets were about to throw money at him, so he offered some kind words:

“I was going to [seriously] think about being a Net,” Gay said. “I guess Memphis stepped up to the plate first. That’s one of the things I probably regret the most, [not] at least going through the process. But I’m happy with the situation.”

Eeesh – that would have been a train wreck for the Nets. Gay is a nice player, but nothing to offer a max contract to. He’s actually having his best season in a few seasons, but prior to that, his numbers were down across the board since his sophomore year. Now that the beat guys have done their obligatory Gay reminiscing story, I hope that’s the last we have to hear about “what could have been” there.