Daily Link: These Rumors are Messy

Still no Carmelo Anthony deal in place, though Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! is reporting that the Nets and Denver are still trying to work something out without the help of Charlotte and Utah. The problem is, some egos are getting bruised:

Even if a deal for Anthony never materializes, New Jersey coach Avery Johnson has serious repairs to make with Nets point guard Devin Harris(notes), a league source told Yahoo! Sports on Monday.

Harris had been a huge advocate for Johnson with former Nets officials by endorsing the hiring of Johnson over the summer, and a source says Harris is feeling “a little put off” that the coach is so quickly looking to send him out of New Jersey as part of a trade for Anthony.

Harris has been in the league long enough to know that this is part of the business. Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk said it best:

Note to Harris: The best revenge is success. Then you have leverage, when you are needed and wanted. After last season your stock fell a little, get it back up and you can push back a little on management.