Daily Link: The LeBron-Cal Combo

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that teams out there who are interested in LeBron James for their roster, or John Calipari as their head coach, may have to take them as a package deal.

League sources said Sunday that noted NBA power broker William Wesley continues to work back channels to sell John Calipari and James as a package deal to franchises such as the Bulls, Nets and Clippers with coaching vacancies and salary cap room.

I have never been shy about my opinions on John Calipari. While I’m not naive enough to believe that professional sports are highly ego-driven, after watching Calipari blame everyone but himself for the failures of the Nets’ teams he coached in the late 90s, I truly believe Cal is the ultimate narcissist. If LeBron’s reputation hasn’t already taken enough of a hit after Cleveland’s playoff collapse last week, I think his legacy will be fully tarnished if he attaches himself to Calipari. More importantly, I don’t think Calipari is capable of coaching in the NBA. He’s never stuck it out at a program long enough to demonstrate sustained success, his recruiting practices are very questionable based on the number of violations his programs have rung up, and if a player isn’t one of *his* guys (see Jayson Williams, Kendall Gill, etc), he’ll throw you under the bus.