Daily Link: The Kidd is Alright

Jason Kidd, never one to mince words, especially about former Nets owner Bruce Ratner, had some positive words about New Jersey and the Nets organization, according to Julian Garcia:

“I would first tell them to forget the record of what happened last year. You can’t look at that,” said Kidd. “The thing about playing in Jersey is it is a beautiful place; they have some great areas there. There’s the city you can go in and eat and they have everything there. You have to look at the upside, and then they may be a couple of years away from being a legitimate team.”

My opinions of Kidd post-Nets have always waffled. On one hand, he is probably the best player to wear the uniform since Dr. J. However, his exit from the team in 2008 wasn’t particularly graceful, which seems to be a trend for the guy throughout his career. However, I think it’s obvious that Kidd’s issues with the organization had more to do with Ratner, and I can’t blame him for that.

Speaking of free agents, the News-Herald in Ohio is reporting that the Nets have zero interest in Newark native Shaquille O’Neal.