Daily Link: The Incredible Hump

The Nets are making a formal push on their team site for Kris Humphries to be named Most Improve Player and All-Defensive Team. Sports Illustrated’s Zach Lowe sees the logic behind MIP but is a little taken aback by the All-Defensive team lobbying:

The Nets have started a campaign for Kris Humphries to win the Most Improved Player award and a spot on one of the all-defense teams. Hump has had a nice season, and if you’d prefer the Most Improved award go to a non-star, you could do worse than considering Humphries. But it comes across as shameless, rah-rah pandering when a franchise that wants to be taken seriously campaigns for Kris Humphries to make an all-defense team. Come on.

I have to agree with Zach here. I actually think it’s a shame that Hump hasn’t received more mainstream attention from a MIP perspective this season, but despite his rebounding numbers and some highlight-reel blocks, he’s still not a particularly great defensive player. The fact is, the team’s defense is still three points better with Humphries off the court. I know that’s not the end-all be-all to determine a player’s defensive worth, but watch how Humphries comes over to help in the post versus a guy like Kevin Garnett and you’ll immediately see that Humphries isn’t even in the same ballpark as your typical All-Defensive team player. I seriously hope he gets some votes as MIP, but in typical Nets marketing department fashion they’re overreaching with the All-Defensive stuff big time.