Daily Link: The Comeback Kids

Two games, two fourth quarter comebacks (though last night’s 106-100 victory over the Kings was more about averting a disastrous collapse from an 18-point first half lead). Still, the Nets are onto something. The always say die Nets of last year are gone. Here’s Coach Avery (per Al Iannazzone):

“Our guys are really starting to get the M.O. of a team that’s a bunch of fighters, guys that don’t give up,” Johnson said.

Devin Harris clearly wants to put last year in the past:

“I don’t like to reference last year but a lot of these games last year slipped away. It’s good to know we can execute and get over the top in a lot of these games.”

Harris is going a long way in getting his wish. A few more games like last night’s and Wednesday and people who are still stuck on last year are going to sound completely out of touch with what the Nets are putting together early on.