Daily Link: Statheads like Murphy

For those of you who enjoy the insights at the Wage of Win Journal (I do), you should be happy to read what Ian Levy wrote about new Nets PF Troy Murphy:

Murphy was among the most productive front court players in the league last season, posting a WP48 of 0.281 and producing 13.7 Wins over the course of the season. Murphy has obvious limitations at the defensive end, but is an extremely efficient scorer and a very strong rebounder. Murphy scored 1.10 Point Per Shot last season and grabbed 15.1 Reb/48. His 28.1% Defensive Rebound Rate over the past three seasons was bested by only Carlos Boozer, Dwight Howard, Joel Pryzbilla and Marcus Camby. Replacing him is going to be no small task.

I’ll be interested to see how Avery Johnson accounts for Murphy’s lack of defensive chops, especially when paired with Brook Lopez who can be rough around the edges defensively as well. Still, I expect the acquisition of Murphy to be one of the better trades the organization has made in recent history.