Daily Link: Some Praise for Billy King

I know a lot of Nets fans were grumbling after it was announced that former Sixers GM Billy King was coming in to run the team, but Al Iannazzone has an article up this morning that focuses on some King’s good traits. The bottom line, some players liked how he made teams that worked well together, while Larry Brown, who coached the Sixers throughout most of King’s tenure, liked how the GM worked with the head coach:

“His effect of what he gets done was always felt afterward,” said (Eric) Snow, the former Sixers point guard and now an analyst on NBA TV. “You may have looked at something and maybe questioned it, but it was typically right most of the times. He’s got a great feel for the unseen.

“We jelled and meshed. Some of it had to do with Larry Brown’s coaching but Billy King was the guy making those deals work.”


“The neatest thing is he’ll work with Avery,” Brown said. “That was the best part for me. If you’re going to be successful as a coach you’ve got to have a general manager that believes in you, is loyal to you and an owner that seriously wants to win. They got that.”

Personally, I’m still not bowled over by the choice, but articles like these let me give the guy a little more benefit of the doubt.