Daily Link: Some Positivitiy for the Nets

OK – I promise not to mention any trade rumors/speculation this morning regarding a certain athletic wing player the Nets currently employ.

In his latest piece at Nets Insider, Al Iannazzone says there’s no doubt that the Nets are a better team than last year. So now, with their cap flexibility, they have to be on the lookout for the right time to make a trade that could bring a legit superstar into the fold a la the Celtics and the Pistons from a few years ago:

The Nets still have more work to do. They need a starting-caliber power forward and hope to get one without having to give up Favors.

They’re high on him and would like to keep him. But Favors is a chip they planned to use in free agency if they needed him to get one of the superstars. He also could be one that helps them get an established star who could become available this off-season or next season, such as Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.

Given the Nets inability to lure free agents to the swamp in the past, trade really does seem to be the only option to put this team over the top. Unlike some other teams out there pining for guys like Paul and ‘Melo, the Nets have acquired some legitimate assets to make a deal work.

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