Daily Link: Some More ‘Melo Talk

It’s a storyline that’s going to follow the Nets at least through February at the trade deadline. While in Denver, Billy King naturally talked up Denver’s front office about the availability of Carmelo Anthony, according to Al Iannazzone:

Favors had to impress Denver’s hierarchy with his career-best 14-point, eight-rebound performance. But the Nets’ 107-103 loss is the latest example of why their brain trust has put a priority on acquiring Anthony.

The Nets (4-9) lack a consistent go-to player and someone who can help them through scoring droughts.

This road trip was a bit of an eye opener for me as a Nets fan about this team’s inability to score. I wasn’t as concerned earlier in the season because they played a bunch of good defensive teams like Orlando and Miami multiple times, but the offense completely fell apart in Sacramento and couldn’t get the job done in Denver. Still, I think trading Derrick Favors for ‘Melo will be a mistake and of course, it’s still unclear whether he would even sign an extension with the Nets. But it is becoming apparent that this group of players is not going to be able to take the next step without a legitimate scorer.