Daily Link: Some Dissection of Trade Trends

There seems to be a groundswell of support to the idea that if the Nets were to acquire Carmelo Anthony, it should not come at the cost of Derrick Favors. Demonstrating that the Nuggets may be asking for a bit too much in their trade talk, NetsDaily has posted a fantastic breakdown of what a number of “superstar” players have yielded in trades in recent years.

In each of the cases below, good young players or draft picks went in the other direction but with few exceptions, those good young players were not top picks still on their rookie contracts.  In fact, not one top five pick still on his rookie contract was traded away by any of these teams. (The then-Seattle Sonics received the #5 pick in the deal for Ray Allen, but that was a draft day deal of a pick, which the Sonics used to make their own choice, not someone the Celtics had invested in.)