Daily Link: Quotes and Reactions from Yesterday

One of the big storylines entering this season was how Devin Harris was being reunited with his old coach in Avery Johnson. Here’s what Avery thought of Devin’s performance last night:

“That’s the Devin I’m used to watching. He was aggressive, made the correct passes. When they went under on him on his pick-and-rolls, he got to his spots. He didn’t take those long 3s he does sometimes when he’s tired.”

Avery Johnson on the never-say-die attitude of this year’s Nets:

“There was a period of time in the game when we looked like we were finished and our guys kept playing,” Johnson said. “It just really showed the personality of our team that we’re never going to quit. And we’re going to win our share of some of these games.”

Ben Couch talks to Anthony Morrow about his critical three-pointer in the game’s final minute. The kid sounds confident:

“I had no doubt I was going to make it,” Morrow said. “I knew I wasn’t going to miss it. I knew Devin penetrating was going to draw attention. I slid up. I used to stand in the corner the last couple of years. Now, with Devin, I’m going to train myself to come up because that’s what he wants me to do. It worked out perfectly.”

Former beat writer Dave D’Alessandro writes on watching the development of Derrick Favors this season. Favors’ teammate Joe Smith, thinks at the minimum, Derrick can be a rebounding machine:

“Well, he’s super-athletic and he has a body that can deal with contact, so I don’t see why not,” teammate Joe Smith said Wednesday night, after Favors’ sterling debut. “At least eight or nine, anyway.

“I mean, the way he pursues it is like second to none: He reads the shot, and has the athleticism to go after it. That’s the stuff that can’t be coached. The great ones have that.”

New Nets owner, who was in the house last night look as enthusiastic as anyone, on the new Knicks billboard that was posted near the Nets future home in Brooklyn:

“I saw the picture but I think Amare, he is very sad. It looks like he wants to play in Brooklyn in a couple of years,” the owner joked.

You’ll read more of my thoughts in a bit, but that was honestly one of the most entertaining second halves of a Nets game I’ve seen in years. Putting aside the fact that the team won, there’s most definitely a different aura about this team this year. Can’t wait to see more.