Daily Link: Oh! Derrick Favors Is Doing Okay

Though Devin will quickly remind us that Derrick Favors is still very, very young, the rookie phenom is off to a strong start in his first three games in the NBA. With his 13 points and 13 rebounds off the bench against Miami yesterday, Favors is officially averaging a double-double (10.3 points and 10 rebounds) in his first three games. And like a good rookie, Favors tells the Star-Ledger’s Colin Stephenson, that he’s not caught up in his scoring and instead is focused on rebounding:

“That’s the only way I can get myself going offensively, because I know, coming into the game, Brook’s (Lopez) our man, Devin (Harris), (Anthony) Morrow — all them guys,” Favors said. “They can score, so mainly, the offense is going to run through them, but I try to make an impact by rebounding, keeping shots alive, and try to get myself going offensively, too.”

I was very excited that the Nets were sticking with Favors, at least in the early part of this season, but I certainly didn’t expect him to show so much consistency in the first week of the season. I don’t think he’ll end up with a double-double his rookie year, but it’s nice to see him come in right away and clean up the glass and get his share of garbage points.