Daily Link: Oh, About that Devin Harris Guy

Acknowledging that he could still be traded for Carmelo Anthony at any time, NBA.com’s John Schumann has focused on Devin Harris and his capabilities for a bounceback season this year. It’s something NAS has discussed a lot, and Schumann seems to share the same mindset as some of our writers over here. Bottom line, with a new cast of characters on this team who are nearly all good shooters, it’s possible for a Devo bounceback:

Enter Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow, Troy Murphy and Travis Outlaw. They may not be big names, but they can all shoot. The four summer additions, all of whom will be major parts of the Nets’ rotation, have combined to shoot 41 percent from 3-point range over the last two seasons.

Harris again has the shooters around him to make defenses pay for sagging into the lane.

“Every point guard needs space,” (Avery) Johnson said. “We feel that’s going to be important for him to not have any excuses of why not to be aggressive.”

If this team remains intact going into the season opener, the status of Devin Harris may be the most interesting thing to watch for. He was such a dramatic game changer in 2008-09. If he resembled that player last season, there is no question in mind that the Nets wouldn’t have been battling to avoid the worst record of all time.