Daily Link: New Coach Probably Won’t be a “Splash”

Al Iannazzone talks to Rod Thorn, and contrary to popular opinion, the next head coach of the Nets in all likelihood won’t be a sexy name, but rather someone who’s going to help the Nets in the short and long-term:

“I think from my conversations with Mr. Prokhorov, he’s interested in a coach who can move the team in the right direction,” Thorn said. “Not necessarily a big-splash coach, but somebody who can move a team in the right direction.”

I guess you could count me as part of the propaganda machine, as I figured the Nets for sure were going to go for broke here when they reportedly were mulling sending millions of dollars Coach K’s way. But if this is actually true, it’s a good thing. It demonstrates that Prokhorov is committed for the long haul and wants to build something here, rather than just throw money around to make headlines. We’ll start dissecting the Nets coaching options very soon, but knowing that it may not necessarily be a “name” is an interesting twist.