Daily Link: Nets/Nuggets/Cavs Were Close to a Deal

Hidden in a beat writer’s report in the Akron Beacon Journal was a nugget of information that’s very important for Nets fans. The Nets/Nuggets/Cavs were apparently close to completing a deal that would have shipped Carmelo Anthony to the Nets, but the deal was put on hold when Anthony’s sister passed away last week:

The Cavs have been active in talking to other teams about possible deals in which they would be the facilitator in making salaries work under the cap. One source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak on it, thought the Denver Nuggets were close to shipping Carmelo Anthony to the New Jersey Nets last week. That was stalled after the death of Anthony’s sister.

The Cavs could be a third team involved in such a deal, but they would require at least one draft pick in exchange for making the salaries fit using their trade exception.

Rumors last week mentioned Devin Harris possibly going to Cleveland. In fact, most rumors have Harris on the move again. I know there are things going on that are beyond Billy King’s control, but this ‘Melo business HAS to be resolved soon. The distraction it’s causing for the players and fans is unbearable. At this rate, I’ve accepted a deal is going to happen, despite the fact that I still don’t think Anthony is the difference maker worth liquidating all of the team’s assets for. The Nets are setting themselves up for a run at mediocrity and I firmly believe the cheerleaders for this deal are more caught up in the concept of change for the sake of change, rather than change that will actually put the team on a path to a championship.