Daily Link: NetsDaily Takes it to the Daily News

As someone who gets the Daily News delivered to my front door every day, let me tell how annoyed I was to see the newspaper ask its readers to photoshop LeBron James in various scenes around Manhattan. You know, because LeBron is coming to the Knicks. Duh. On a side note, inside the paper, they used a photo of Nathan’s in Coney Island as a potential lure for LeBron (can’t get hot dogs like that in Cleveland). Memo to Daily News, Nathan’s is in Brooklyn – if LeBron wants Nathans in Manhattan near the Garden, he can wait in beautiful Penn Station.

Anyway, NetsDaily becomes my heroes by offering readers of the site a chance to Photoshop LeBron in a Nets-centric backdrop. I’ll be curious to see what Nets fans come up with.