Daily Link: Nets Head the Pack for ‘Melo Trade

NBA writer extraordinaire Adrian Wojnarowski has some interesting news on the Carmelo Anthony saga – he wants out of Denver, and that appears to be somewhat official – but if Denver is going to pull the trigger, they want to get something back in return. That’s where the Nets come in:

The Nuggets made it clear to teams they want young players and draft picks for Anthony, league executives said. The New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as the two most probable destinations for Anthony because they have assets that appeal to Denver. The geography works for Anthony because of his wife LaLa Vazquez’s entertainment career.

Since these ‘Melo trade rumors began a few weeks ago, I’ve heard a lot of Nets fans say Anthony is not the kind of franchise changing player the Nets should be chasing. Balderdash. Granted, I wouldn’t trade just anyone for ‘Melo, it would have to make sense. But if you pair an offensive talent like Anthony with a center like Brook Lopez, the Nets can become a dangerous team.