Daily Link: Nets Have a Case of the Buts

The theme from Fred Kerber’s morning dispatch today is that the Nets showed they could competed with some very good teams this week, but ….

The Nets got two wins and easily could have had three. Opponents’ field-goal percentages of 41.6, 33.3 and 34.7 would indicate three wins. But the Nets’ execution in the endgame and their lack of a true, legit star kept them from a 3-0 run in front of Prokhorov.

How many times has the lack of a stud cost them this season? Pick a number. And make it high.

I feel sometimes the beat writers wanted this ‘Melo deal to go through more than a lot of the fans did. I can understand – it’s probably difficult writing about a 12-win team that has no star to speak of.