Daily Link: More on the DWill Effect

No, we’re not talking about how the Nets have blown double-digit first-half leads the past two games only to lose to under .500 opponents. In this case, the great Kevin Pelton over at ESPN (Insider access only) talks about the efficiency of the Nets offense since Deron Williams came over. The number leap off the page:

The explanation, naturally, is the way Williams has helped his teammates shoot the ball by setting them up in better positions. Center Brook Lopez has enjoyed the biggest benefit. Lopez’s field goal percentage was 47.7 percent before the trade. Alongside Williams, he’s shot 53.8 percent. Rookie Damion James, who has established himself as a starter at small forward, is making 58.3 percent of his shots with Williams after playing poorly in the early going. Weighted for each player’s shot attempts with Williams, the net effect on his New Jersey teammates has been an improvement from 44.8 percent to 46.6 percent from the field.

A whole 1.8 percent is nothing to sneeze at. DWill’s injury has been totally disappointing, but I guess the silver lining is there won’t be any issues for next year (for however much basketball is played next year).

In other Nets PG-related news, Ben Uzoh is on his way back from Springfield for tomorrow’s game. He averaged 12.3 points and 6 assists in his three games with the Springfield Armor.