Daily Link: Mock Draft and Michael Ray Richardson

Double feature on the links today. As Nets fans look forward to the NBA Draft, Chad Ford released his first Mock Draft (Insider). He has the Nets taking Richmond power forward Justin Harper and Purdue power forward Jajuan Johnson*, although he only lists Johnson as the last of his post-first round “next five.” Both of these guys are great athletes, but Harper is more of a shooting power forward while Johnson is a hustle guy that relies on his athleticism to run the floor and score hustle points. Harper is like a poor man’s Ryan Anderson and Johnson is a poor man’s Kris Humphries. It’s curious to see Ford have the Nets take two power forwards, especially when the consensus is that the Nets need wing players.

Secondly, former Net Michael Ray Richardson is known for his drug usage and his subsequent lifetime ban from the NBA. While Richardson was thought to have great potential, he seemed to have ruin it with his wild personal life. Good Sports interviewed Richardson about his once-troubled life. What struck me most was when Richardson recounted his triple double against the Knicks that led the Nets to victory (despite Bernard King’s 60 points). It’s a game that most Nets fans don’t always remember because of the team’s ineptitude during the 80s, but it’s definitely a memorable game in Nets’ history. We at NAS wish Michael Ray Richardson all the best for the future.