Daily Link: Mark Jackson Waiting for that Call

An old friend of the Nets, Mark Jackson, has reportedly declined to interview for the head coaching vacancy with the Philadelphia 76ers and is instead waiting for the “right” opportunity, which may include a chance to coach the New Jersey Nets, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

The Sixers had been trying to schedule a meeting with Jackson, but he sent word Tuesday that he was trying to determine whether he wanted to proceed. He informed Kauffman yesterday of his decision. He is expected to interview for the New Orleans Hornets job, and is hopeful of being contacted by the Los Angeles Clippers and, possibly, the New Jersey Nets.

Jackson is an intriguing name, and he was one of the most insightful television guys I’ve ever seen/heard when he was working for YES a few years ago, but does anyone else find it weird that the guy is being so picky about his coaching options, especially since he has never been a head coach before? He was reportedly flabbergasted when the Knicks passed on him a few years back in favor of Mike D’Antoni.