Daily Link: Let’s Stat Speculating About Dwight Howard, Shall We?

CBS’ Ken Berger has a pretty extensive piece up about the state of the Orlando Magic and their franchise center Dwight Howard, who is expected to become a free agent by 2012. With the Magic seemingly unable to get over that hump the past few years, and some recent trades not helping things along, there’s talk that Howard could split town. But where will he go? Berger gives the Nets a shot to play with the big boys here:

To paraphrase LeBron, what should he do? If he does leave, Howard has his eyes on two teams — the Lakers and Knicks — as the big-market destinations where he’ll chase down his championships and marketing opportunities if things don’t work out in the Sunshine State. The Nets, who are supposed to be in Brooklyn by then, also are in the mix, the person said.

Obviously, so much can change in a season and a half, but the fact that the Nets should be in Brooklyn by then only helps things. I don’t think anyone reading this would argue against Howard coming here if he could be convinced, though, maybe I’m wrong about that.